Areas of Practice


Workers' Compensation

New Jersey law requires employers to provide insurance which covers their employees in event that they are injured or develop an occupational condition as a result of their work. Under the law you may be entitled to medical benefits, lost wages and permanent disability benefits.   In the most tragic of cases your dependents may be entitled to death benefits. Your employer and its insurance company have the right to choose the treating doctor and they wish to pay as little as possible, and have attorneys that represent their interests.  

I am an experienced attorney who will work for you.  In order to get what is rightfully yours, call John L. Kemenczy, Esq. at 973-364-7700.  I have represented victims of workplace accidents since 1988. I know the know worker's compensation law, the system and have an excellent record of success.  I will fight for your rights.  For a free workers’ compensation consultation call John L. Kemenczy, Esq. at 973-364-7700, or,  contact me on-line.


Real Estate

The purchase and sale of a home, building, vacation home or investment property many times is the single largest financial transaction in a person's life.  The stakes are high and consequences long if problems arise.  Legal costs are small in comparison to the total cost of the transaction.  Hiring an experienced real estate attorney is important.  I have been representing Buyers and Sellers of real estate since 1988.   Call John L. Kemenczy, Esq. 973-364-7700.  I will be on your side, analyzing the transaction for your best interest. My staff is experienced and trained to handle all phases of the transaction.  When the time comes for you to take the big step call our office at 973-364-7700 and let us take you through the entire process.  


Motorcycle Accidents

I love motorcycles and I love riding.  Riding has been part of my life since 1971.  However, motorcycle accidents unfortunately do happen and are serious matters.  I know since in addition to being an experienced rider I am an experienced attorney.  If you are involved in a motorcycle accident as a general rule you should: 1) Follow the instructions contained in your motorcycle policy (check the back of your insurance card) or your claim for coverage may be denied.  2) Say nothing or as little as possible about the accident.  3) Do not apologize, admit fault or make statements such as "I never saw you".  4) Report the accident to the police by calling 911.  5) Seek medical attention quickly, even if you are unsure that you need it.  You may be in shock, dazed or confused as a result of the accident and not be aware of your injuries.  6) Call John L. Kemenczy, Esq. at 973-364-7700.

You need to know your legal rights and potential liabilities.  As a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer I can give you legal advice and handle your motorcycle accident case.  You may be entitled to payments for Medical Bills, Lost Wages, Pain and Suffering, Property Damage, and other Out-of-Pocket Expenses. Remember, if you are in a motorcycle accident call John L. Kemenczy, Esq. at 973-364-7700.  There is never a charge for a motorcycle accident consultation.






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